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How can I type Arabic with Yoolki?

Simply put the cursor in the text area, and starting writing. You will notice that Arabic words are converted in real time as you type them in Latin letters.
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What typing tips should I know?

Write Arabic phonetically as you normally do using Latin characters, and follow these simple tips:

Arabic letters

ء2'   غgh
ع3@   ثth
خ5kh  ذzh
ط6T   ظZ
ح7H   ضD
قqK   صS

Extended sounds

Repeat the letters or use CAPS for extended Arabic sounds
اAaa   وOoow
آa~   يIiiy
Example, try in the demo box: A~yah , kilaab , samiir , Sabaa7 , masmoo7 , khayyaaT Show me

Word Endings

Tanween works as expected too
ـاًan   ـٌon   ـٍin
ـَنaN   ةt-   ىA-
To remove the tanween, use N or n- at the end the word Example, try in the demo box: baytin , faatin- , fataat-in Show me


Use \ around words to keep them in english like:
'ou7ibbou \Yoolki\ kathiiran
كَثِيراً Yoolki أُحِبُّ
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Vary the width of words by using the _
Example, try in the demo box: ha_y____________A Show me

How do I correct and edit words?

You can edit and correct even after you convert to Arabic. Simply go over the English word, modify it and your Arabic word changes automatically.