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The fast way to type and search in Arabic

Yoolki is super fast and super easy to use. Simply spell out each Arabic word the way you would say it, and Yoolki will convert it into Arabic letters in real-time. It is as precise as you are.


Read what you write

Yoolki is the only tool designed to allow you to read what you are writing both in roman letters and arabic letters at the same time. This allows you to correct what you type, avoid guessing and undesired words.


Yoolki Works even offline.

Yoolki is capable of helping you even when you do not have an internet connection. Very useful and practical if you have limited Internet access and need to write in Arabic.


Write Arabic with 7araket.

Yoolki is also unique as it allows you to add 7araket (vowelization) to the Arabic words, essential to the proper pronunciation of words. Yet, you always have the option to turn 7araket off.

Yoolki Modules

Yoolki Editor

Yoolki Editor

Yoolki allows you to write texts, word documents, emails, in a very fast way with its unique dual-screen Editor. You can then copy and paste into the application of your choice. Go to Yoolki Editor

Yoolki Search

Yoolki search

You can now very easily search the Arabic web using Yoolki search tool, including web sites, news, images, videos powered by Google Search Engine. Go to Yoolki Search

More features coming soon

Stay tuned as we are continuously working on new features that will make your Arabic writing more enjoyable and fun.